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Im Rahmen ihrer Jahreskonferenz unter der Überschrift »Destination Europe? European drama – a chance for intercultural dialogue« verabschiedeten alle Mitgliedstheater der ETC im November 2015 die Charta der European Theatre Convention.

Charter of the European Theatre Convention

Life in Europe and around the world at the beginning of the twenty-first century is marked by uncertainty, rapidly emerging new trends and challenges, increasing complexity and a growing threat of violent extremism. Our diverse modern society, which is influenced by globalization and reflected in demographic changes, affects our individual and organizational lives, and impacts our reflections, forms of self-expression and interactions with each other.

The European Theatre Convention (ETC) and its member theatres offer public spaces to question and reflect on social developments with artistic means. This includes addressing the individual and collective duty to have openness towards others, towards the foreign and the unknown, without restrictions for participation. Theatre as an aesthetic medium reinforces pluralism and helps transmit democratic values. Freedom of expression and the freedom of art are unconditional values and basic human rights in our democratic societies.

Within the ETC and in our member theatres, we collaborate with and support artists and creative professionals from all cultures and creeds. With our work, projects and joint actions, we strive to nourish a diverse notion of Europe based on diverse traditions, opinions and dialogue.

In adhering to the aims of the ETC, all member theatres confirm and ensure within the framework of this Charter their commitment to:
1) The responsibility of the arts and humanities to envision an open and equal Europe now and in the future
2) The fight against any actions, behaviours and speech linked with intolerance, anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, thereby strengthening our day-by-day work for democracy
3) The diversity of cultural expression and the fundamental human rights of freedom and tolerance that our democratic societies are built upon in order to foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust.

The ETC Charter has been endorsed by all ETC member theatres on 13 November 2015, in Parma, Italy.


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